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Robotic X-Ray

Twin Robotic X-ray

    Multitom Rax

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With traditional X-ray, complex radiographic examinations are often challenging or cumbersome, especially in musculoskeletal or trauma cases.

With Multitom Rax we offer a high-performance system that excels in such examinations helping you expand precision medicine. Its Robotic Advanced X-ray technology (RAX) supports you in daily clinical routine and beyond and sets new standards in musculoskeletal and trauma imaging.

As healthcare providers are forced to do more with less, they have to run their radiology more efficiently. Combine two or more MAX systems – and experience the MAX effect: unique standardization across your fleet that lets you save both time and costs and ultimately boosts your level of satisfaction.

  • Gain standardization – leading to consistent high quality of care, fewer retakes,
    and faster reading

  • Gain savings – in terms of money, time, and rooms

  • Gain satisfaction – for patients, staff, physicians, and managers 

Robotic C-arm

   Artis pheno

Artis pheno.jpg

Engineered to be truly patient-oriented, ARTIS pheno is a unique angiography system for individualized preprocedural planning, intraoperative guidance, and immediate assessment – regardless of patient condition or procedure complexity. It also helps keep the work environment clean at all times.

Optimal patient positioning for any procedure

With ARTIS pheno, you can also ensure optimal patient positioning regardless of the procedure. For safe CO2 imaging, patients’ feet can be elevated simply by tilting the table. ARTIS pheno automatically follows the tilted table during peripheral runoffs. Intelligent image-processing algorithms ensure exceptionally smooth vessel visualization despite unequal gas distribution in vessels. ARTIS pheno makes treatment of patients with contrast allergies and impaired renal function easy.

More space and positioning flexibility

ARTIS pheno lets you get close without feeling cramped. The wide-space C-arm’s unmatched focal-spot-to-detector distance (SID) of 130 cm (51.2”) gives the patient and team a usable clearance of 95.5 cm (37.5”). You are looking at far more freedom during preparation and superior access to all working positions during the procedure – even with the heaviest of patients

Full support for third-party surgical tables

For surgical procedures, a variety of patient positions and tabletops are needed to make accurate treatment and comfortable working access for staff possible. ARTIS pheno is fully compatible with surgical tables from market leaders Trumpf and Maquet that serve these specific needs.

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