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Mobile C-arms

Cios Spin


Conventional 2D imaging may not always provide enough information to safeguard correct placement of screws and implants. Intraoperative 3D imaging can therefore be an important factor in improving surgical outcomes. To provide 3D capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated into clinical routine, we developed Cios Spin: a mobile 2D and 3D C-arm for intraoperative quality control. Easy to integrate into your surgical routine, it features dedicated 3D technologies that allow you to confirm your planned results.

  • More certainty in demanding cases

  • More efficiency in intraoperative 3D

  • More cost-effectiveness in surgery


Cios Spin provides you with new insights that give you more certainty in surgical routine – and full control over your procedures. It can help you to reduce operational costs and risks, work efficiently, and increase your institution’s reputation.

Cios Alpha

cios alpha.jpg

In image-guided surgery, image quality and dose often come at the expense of one another. Dose reduction often means lower image quality – while higher dose can mean potential health risks for patients, surgeons, and staff.

Cios Alpha® is a high‐definition 2D mobile C‐arm designed to give surgeons certainty in these matters. Thanks to Retina technology for optimal images, CARE technologies for the right dose in each case, and intelligent power management, it delivers the perfect balance between image quality and dose.

  • Excellent images, right dose

  • Easy handling, smooth workflow

  • Extended capabilities, smart growth

Cios Fusion

fusion cios.jpg

Investments in equipment for routine procedures are often neglected. Thus, the clinical capabilities of modern and versatile equipment are not available to benefit patients and institutions.

With Cios Fusion, you can increase the competitiveness and surgical versatility of your institution by equipping your OR with innovative imaging technologies. The mobile C-arm provides large, crystal-clear images at the right dose – thanks to Full View FD and our unique Retina Imaging Chain with IDEAL dose management.

  • 160% more to see - with Full View FD

  • Save time - with advanced table-side control

  • Drive surgical revenue - with innovative technology

Cios Connect

cios connect.jpg

Many clinical institutions have difficulties with OR planning because volatile caseloads make it hard to assign the right C-arm for a surgical procedure.

Cios Connect is a robust multifunctional C-arm for everyday surgery that helps increase your return on assets. The mobile C-arm is appropriate for all relevant surgical disciplines. Its lightweight design and elaborate features make system handling easy. What is more, Cios Connect offers you outstandingly sharp visualization of anatomical details at low dose.

  • Simplify your fleet management - with a multifunctional C-arm

  • Optimally balance image quality and dose - with IDEAL

  •  Increase asset utilization - with preventive maintenance and high system availability

Cios Select with FD

cios select fd.jpg

As the pressures on healthcare providers are increasing, many surgeons want more powerful routine imaging equipment. Currently, however, such technology is only accessible in high-end systems.

We therefore equipped Cios Select with flat-detector technology, combining premium capabilities with an economic system design – for excellent images, easy handling, and high system availability.

Access optimal support in surgical procedures, efficient workflows, and high reliability – a smart choice for your surgical routine.

  • Accuracy - see more with flat-detector technology

  • Productivity - streamline your work with smart touch user interface

  • Reliability - experience 99.8% system availability

Cios Select 

cios select.jpg

Institutions are often confronted with insufficiently trained staff. In addition, downtimes and unpredictable service incidents can have a negative impact on the total cost of ownership, which may lead to precarious financial situations.

With Cios Select, you can safeguard the financial sustainability of your clinical institution with smart surgical imaging and service from a single reliable partner. Benefit from high system availability, low maintenance and reduced training requirements, and a global service network.

  • 99.8% system availability- reliability in a smart, lean design

  • Smart system operation - with an intuitive user interface

  • High image quality - combined with IDEAL dose management

Cios Flow


This new mobile C-arm can help you to make your procedure more straightforward and efficient. It assists you in your daily routine while also supporting multidisciplinary utilization. 

Retina Imaging Chain with CMOS technology: Intelligent algorithms automatically adjust brightness and contrast, detect motion, enhance edges, and optimize metal visualization for improved depiction of surrounding tissue.

High-brightness green lasers: For improved visibility on all skin types and blood – despite bright OR lighting.

Lightweight system design: Featuring a non-compromising C-design, and weighing only 275 kg, Cios Flow is particularly easy to position and move.

Wireless footswitch: For less hassle around the equipment and more freedom in the OR.

Field of view        -    30 cm x 30 cm (12" x 12")

                                   20 cm x 20 cm (8" x 8")

Image resolution  -    1952 pixels x 1952 pixels

                                  1360 pixels x 1360 pixels

Orbital movement -   148°

Generator power   -   2,3 Kw

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