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DCA Vantage® Analyzer


Provide the clinical confidence your patients deserve. The DCA Vantage® Analyzer helps you monitor glycemic control and detect early kidney disease in environments ranging from the physician’s office to remote, point-of-care coordinated sites in hospitals and multisite practices. Meet lab-quality testing standards with an analyzer that speeds and simplifies diabetes tests and delivers accurate, clinically relevant results shown to improve decision-making,patient compliance, and outcomes.

  • Manage diabetes patients more effectively

  • Improve workflow in office or clinic

  • Simplify management of diabetes testing in decentralized settings

  • One of just two HbA1c analyzers that meet NGSP performance criteria

  • Used by three out of four physicians who perform HbA1c testing in their office

Features & Benefits

Monitor glycemic control and diabetes complications using an analyzer designed to make consultations easier. Fast, actionable test results enable you to determine the effectiveness of a treatment plan, make therapeutic adjustments with confidence, and be more certain whether patients are complying with your recommendations.


Monitor glycemic control

  • HbA1c from a small (1 µL) whole blood sample in 6 minutes

  • Flexible reporting of HbA1c% (NGSP, JDS, and Mono-S units) and IFCC (mmol/mol)

  • Reporting of HbA1c results as Estimated Average Glucose values in the same units (mg/dL) that patients’ home glucose meters display

  • HbA1c patient trending graphs can be viewed or printed


Detect early kidney disease

  • Albumin, Creatinine, and Albumin-to-Creatinine (A:C) ratio from a urine specimen in 7 minutes to report a quantitative protein status with automatic creatinine adjustment

  • Onboard GFR calculator indexes kidney function


Improve workflow in the office or clinic

  • Self-contained cartridges facilitate easy, walkaway operation after sample loading

  • No sample or reagent preparation required

  • Bar-code scanner for safer and faster patient/operator ID entry

  • Review results on-screen or generate a hard copy report to minimize transcription errors in the office

  • Convenient local storage of up to 4,000 onboard records with powerful sorting capabilities

  • Automatically upload results to a PC via a USB flash drive to reduce manual logging and save time

  • Minimal maintenance requirements with automatic reminders to alert you when maintenance is due


DCA® HbA1c Reagent Kit for DCA Vantage® Analyzer


In-office testing with the DCA® HbA1c test kit gives primary-care professionals the tools to fight the diabetes epidemic on the front lines. Early detection and tight glycemic control help mitigate the serious conditions that accompany diabetes: heart and kidney disease, limb neuropathy, retinopathy, and stroke. More importantly, patients identified as being at risk can stop or reverse disease progression through lifestyle adjustments and/or pharmacological treatment.

When paired with the DCA Vantage® Analyzer, the DCA HbA1c test kit provides fast, actionable test results to help you determine the effectiveness of a treatment plan, make therapeutic adjustments with greater confidence, and be certain that patients are complying with your recommendations.

Features & Benefits

DCA HbA1c Kit: One kit for diagnosis and management

  • Quantitative HbA1c† testing results in minutes.

  • Testing results in minutes.

  • Increases patient comfort by requiring a smaller whole-blood sample (1 μL).

  • Add sample to test cartridge, load, and walk away.

  • No sample or reagent preparation required.

DCA® Microalbumin/Creatinine Urine Test


Using the DCA® Microalbumin/Creatinine (ACR) urine test on the DCA Vantage® Analyzer puts your practice on the front line of early kidney disease detection in patients with diabetes.

  • ACR testing is recommended as an initial screening test for early detection of kidney disease by ADA, NKF, KDOQI, and KDIGO.

  • The ADA recommends testing ACR annually in patients with type 1 diabetes (with diabetes duration >5 years) and in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Features & Benefits

Deliver Optimal Diabetes Care with Improved Clinical Confidence

  • Quantitative microalbumin/creatinine ratio (ACR) test results in minutes.

  • Small sample volume—40 μL urine.

  • Add sample to test cartridge, load, and walk away.

  • No sample or reagent preparation required.

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