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Blood Gas Products

epoc® Blood Analysis System

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Improve outcomes and workflow while transforming care delivery across clinical pathways. The epoc® Blood Analysis System gives you lab-quality results here and now.

The epoc system is a handheld, wireless solution to enable comprehensive blood analysis testing at the patient’s side on a single room temperature test card, with results in less than a minute.

  • Streamline patient-testing workflow.

  • Accelerate clinical decision making.

  • Simplify inventory management.

  • Deliver real-time results and reporting.

Streamline patient-testing workflow.​​

By moving testing to the patient’s side, caregivers, patients, and hospital administration all benefit from a less-complex testing process that improves turnaround times, patient care, and operational efficiencies.

Accelerate clinical decision making.​​

Empower clinicians to make faster decisions with lab-quality results at the patient’s side, enhancing clinical decision making and improving patient outcomes.

Simplify inventory management.

By incorporating a full menu on a single, room temperature-stable test card bar-coded for quality assurance, the epoc system delivers a more efficient and easy-to-manage patient-side testing program.

Deliver real-time results and reporting.

With an integrated, wireless connection, you can easily transmit results from the patient’s side to the EMR/LIS/HIS in real time and gain centralized control of decentralized testing.

RAPIDPoint® 500 Systems

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Designed to meet the challenges of point-of-care settings, RAPIDPoint® 500 Blood Gas Systems leverage proven Siemens technology to deliver fast, accurate and comprehensive test results in approximately 60 seconds. These flexible, easy-to-use analyzers help free your clinicians to focus on improved patient care without reliability or maintenance worries.

  • Test blood gas, electrolytes, glucose, lactate and full CO-oximetry including neonatal total bilirubin (nBili) and total hemoglobin (tHb)

  • Multiple sample types including whole blood (arterial and venous), pleural fluid and dialysate

  • Intuitive touch-screen interface and integrated bar-code reader—just scan, insert, and analyze with results in approximately 60 seconds

  • Bio-safe hands-free automatic sampling with clot detection and clot management

  • Maintenance-free, cartridge-based system incorporates automatic QC to help assure quality

  • Connectivity to LIS/HIS link with optional remote monitoring and control via the RAPIDComm® Data Management System

Features & Benefits

Get the accuracy and reliability you’ve come to trust in an easy-to-use, maintenance-free instrument designed to perform in point-of-care environments.

The solution offers:​

  • Full test menu results from a single sample in approximately 60 seconds

  • Easy-to-use, maintenance-free cartridge-based system is ideal for non-laboratory personnel

  • Proven technologies and design features help to maximize analyzer uptime and simplify compliance

  • Speed and flexibility to increase productivity without increasing staff workload

  • Seamless LIS/HIS integration with optional connectivity to the RAPIDComm® Data Management System

Critical care values in approximately one minute

RAPIDPoint 500 System parameters​​​

  • Blood gas (pH, pCO2, pO2)

  • Electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl-)

  • Metabolites (Glucose, Lactate)

  • CO-oximetry (tHb, HHb, O2Hb, sO2, COHb, MetHb) and neonatal total bilirubin

  • Full test menu from a single sample

  • Pleural fluid pH

In addition to measured and calculated parameters, the RAPIDPoint 500 system can be optionally set up to record key ventilator settings to help enhance clinical decision making:

  • Flow

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

  • Positive End Expiratory Pressure

  • Peak Inspiratory Pressure

  • Tidal Volume

  • Allen Test

Three easy steps to lab-quality results

  • Scan, insert, and analyze—with test results in approximately 60 seconds

  • Adjustable, color touch screen supports intuitive, menu-prompted operation and includes customizable demographic fields with multibyte character recognition

  • On-board video tutorials simplify training and day-to-day use

  • Built-in bar-code scanner supports faster and easier sample processing

  • Port design automates sample aspiration making hands-free testing process bio-safe and independent of operator technique

  • Fully automated calibration and quality control systems help ensure accuracy and support compliance without operator interaction

Reliable, maintenance-free operation

  • Sample port designed to minimize bubbles and detect and clear clots

  • Self-cleaning probe helps maintain sample integrity

  • A single cartridge delivers all required reagents to support a full complement of tests for interruption-free operation

  • Planar sensor technology helps ensure industry-proven accuracy and reliability

  • Whole blood, slide cell technology for Co-oximetry including tHb and nBili has been proven since 2003; no hemolytic agents to interfere with sample or increase maintenance requirements

  • On-board, 28-day AQC cartridge requires no operator intervention

  • No routine maintenance


Speed and flexibility needed at the point of care

  • Single sample port accepts syringe or capillary samples without adapters

  • Built-in scanner makes it faster and easier for operators to scan 1- and 2-dimensional bar codes

  • Test full menu from a single sample or customize panels to meet specific needs

  • Set user privileges based on operator needs for testing, administration, and reporting

  • Approximately 60 seconds to result; fast turnaround time delivered from a compact system

RAPIDPoint® 500e Blood Gas System


The RAPIDPoint® 500e System elevates Siemens Healthineers blood gas offering to a new level, allowing you to spend more time focused on patient care. Implement a proven end-to-end blood gas solution that reduces the daily burden of device management and enables you to give your full care and attention where it matters most.

With an improved user experience, the analyzer transforms care delivery, setting an elevated standard in simplicity, quality assurance, and data security for healthcare organizations.


Features & Benefits

To give you confidence in every result while reducing the time to diagnosis and treatment, the RAPIDPoint 500e system provides robust accuracy from sample to sample by leveraging the Siemens Healthineers-designed Integri-sense™ Technology—the guardian of patient results. Integri-sense Technology is a comprehensive series of analyzer functional checks and flagging mechanisms designed to deliver accurate test results. It performs frequent quality and blood integrity checks before, during, and after every patient sample. Three levels of independent automatic quality control, multiple calibration routines, and advanced software algorithms combine to enable the RAPIDPoint 500e analyzer to be ready to generate reliable and clinically actionable test results each and every time.

Depend on the RAPIDPoint 500e system to raise the bar in blood gas IT security at your facility with the latest defenses to guard confidential patient data coupled with the leading built-in technology to protect your institution from external cybersecurity threats. The WINDOWS 10 operating system has been equipped with McAfee embedded anti-malware, which blocks unknown and unauthorized programs from running. Other key security advantages include a two-step authentication process, an encrypted password requirement for patient data transfer, and the inclusion of a firewall to block hacking attempts.

This user-friendly and maintenance-free analyzer provides the patient results most needed by clinicians in critical care environments. The simplicity of the RAPIDPoint 500e system centers on the fact that it is a fully cartridge-based analyzer, with no maintenance required. The measurement cartridge includes the planar sensors, sample probe, and CO-ox chamber, so all these components are replaced with every new cartridge.

One of the unique features of the RAPIDPoint 500e system is the sample port. Syringe and capillary samples are handled in exactly the same way, and operator variability is eliminated with hands-free automatic sampling. Only 100 µL of sample is aspirated, and the sample port is part of the advanced clot management and air bubble detection mechanism.

RAPIDLab® 1200 Systems

Small - 72 DPI-H_DX_RAPIDLab1200_Right_w

Designed to maximize turnaround time, RAPIDLab® 1200 Systems have the capacity to enhance blood gas testing efficiency in the clinical laboratory by combining testing speed and reliability with low maintenance. RAPIDLab 1200 systems are our proven solution for high-volume critical care testing sites.


Leverage the benefits of RAPIDLab 1200 Systems:

  • Comprehensive test menu addresses a variety of critical care testing needs

  • Intuitive operation and minimal maintenance help increase productivity without increasing staff.

  • Industry-proven accuracy and reliability through long-life Ready Sensor® electrode technology

  • Biosafe automatic sampling system with clot detection and clearance

  • Effortless onboard Automatic Quality Control (AQC) for enhanced quality assurance and regulatory compliance


Features & Benefits

Designed to meet the challenges of the busy clinical lab or various hospital settings, RAPIDLab® 1200 Systems address all your critical care testing needs:


  • Extensive test menu includes full CO-oximetry and neonatal total bilirubin

  • Ready Sensor® electrode technology for industry-proven reliability

  • Cost-effective, cartridge-based system

  • Simplified operation with biosafe sampling

  • Automatic quality control and documentation

  • Seamless integration with your LIS/HIS

  • Dedicated technical support and on-site service

Enhanced critical care testing in the NICU

RAPIDLab 1200 Systems' testing performance, accuracy and consistency make it an excellent choice as your NICU monitoring solution:


  • Ultra-fast sample processing enables immediate physician intervention

  • Clinical accuracy reduces the need to repeat tests

  • Microsample capability enables testing of very small sample volumes without compromising accuracy

  • Full test menu from a single sample​​​

Get a complete picture in just 1 minute

      Blood Gas (pH, pCO2, pO2)

      Electrolytes (Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl- )

      Metabolites (Glucose, Lactate, Neonatal Total Bilirubin)

      CO-oximetry (tHb, HHb, O2Hb, sO2, COHb, MetHb)

  • Testing panels can be customized to meet specific needs

  • Capable of running the full test menu on short-sample patient draws (microsamples) 


​​RAPIDLab® 348EX Blood Gas System

Small - 72 DPI-H_DX_RAPIDLab348EX_wBarco

The RAPIDLab® 348EX Blood Gas System is the cost-effective solution for smaller laboratories tasked with the challenge of performing fast-turnaround critical care tests. Fully-automated operation supports low-to-medium throughput on an easy-to-use analyzer that’s ready to generate accurate, on-demand results when clinicians need them, with a minimum of operator involvement.

Increase productivity and operator efficiency in the low-volume laboratory

The RAPIDLab 348EX analyzer combines proven Siemens blood gas technology with a range of next-generation system enhancements designed to streamline and simplify day-to-day operations and workflow.

Fast, accurate results support critical treatment decisions

  • Actionable patient test results are available in approximately 60 seconds

  • Small sample size (50 µL–95 µL) suitable for most patients

  • Analyze whole blood and dialysate fluid

  • Whole blood results: pH, pCO2, pO2 Na+, K+, Ca++/Cl-, and hematocrit

  • Dialysate results: pH, pCO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, HCO3-, and ctCO2

  • Test and report only those parameters ordered by the clinician

Ensure data integrity and increase workflow efficiency

  • Bar-code reader, for patient/operator ID entry, can be mounted on either side and offers optional setting for continuous-on, single-handing scanning

  • Sample probe aspirates from syringes, capillaries, and QC ampules automatically, without the need for adapters

  • Automatic detection of short samples shifts analyzer into microsample mode, with no operator involvement required

  • Time-tested Ready Sensor® electrodes have a proven track record of performance and long use-life

  • Comprehensive QC materials help verify system performance

  • Automatic calibration routines and wash sequences minimize demands on operators time and attention


Easy-to-use with fast access to sensors, reagents, and waste

  • Intuitive, color, touch screen user interface features large, easy-to-read system icons that display analyzer status

  • One-touch icon selection of sampling mode - syringe, capillary, dialysis fluid, QC

  • Easy navigation to all routine functions from the Ready screen

  • Measurement chamber houses all sensors and is designed for easy access and replacement

  • All reagents are located on the front panel of the analyzer, enabling easy reagent replacement

  • Clear plastic bottles and blue-colored solutions allow at-a-glance checks of fill volumes

  • Minimal maintenance requirements further extend system uptime

Flexible data review, reporting and storage

  • Results can be viewed on-screen, output to the onboard printer, or electronically transmitted to LIS/HIS or RAPIDComm® Data Management System

  • Convenient onboard storage of up to 250 patient test records, and up to 90 results for each level of QC

  • Print calibration and QC summaries for inspection purposes including off-line generated Levey-Jennings reports to document QC performance

  • USB port simplifies data uploads/downloads



RAPIDChem 744/754 Electrolyte and Lithium Testing Analyzers

Small - 72 DPI-H_DX_RAPIDChem.jpg

Siemens RAPIDChem® analyzers are a cost-efficient solution for rapid electrolyte and lithium testing in busy laboratories and clinics. Designed to accommodate a variety of specimen types, RAPIDChem 744/754 analyzers generate fast patient results while reducing operator exposure to biohazards.

Perform lithium and electrolyte measurements on a variety of sample types efficiently with RAPIDChem® 744/754 analyzers.

Simple, Efficient Operation

  • Intuitive yes/no prompts require minimal training

  • Results are displayed and printed in seconds

  • Ergonomic bench-top design requires minimal lab space

  • Minimal maintenance requirements; only seconds per day 


Versatile Sampling Options

  • Use whole blood, plasma, serum and/or diluted urine samples

  • Direct analysis from syringes, micro-capillary tubes and commonly used containers without the need for special adapters

  • Small sample size required 


Biosafe Operation

  • Waste contained in a closed cartridge for safe, easy disposal

  • Self-cleaning sample probe helps maintain sample integrity and enhance user safety 


Reliable Technology

  • Long-life sensors help to maximize analyzer uptime

  • Snap-in replacement of self-contained reagent module

  • Modular design provides easy access for valve and sensor replacement  

Blood Gas Syringes and Capillaries

RAPIDLyte Arterial Blood Sampling Syringes and Multicap Capillaries


RAPIDLyte® arterial blood gas sampling syringes and Multicap™ capillaries are designed to help minimize pre-analytical error, help keep users safe, and help maximize workflow efficiencies. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your clinical needs across a range of critical care settings.

  • Choose from a comprehensive portfolio of syringes and capillaries in multiple configurations to meet your arterial blood sampling needs

  • Maintain a high level of sample integrity with no dilution errors, minimized electrolyte binding and fast, easy air bubble removal

  • Help to maximize your instrument uptime with our advanced, dry-sprayed, balanced and reduced heparin formulations to minimize the potential for clots

  • Experience enhanced user safety and convenience with biosafe sampling and an easy-to-use needle protection system

Features & Benefits

Choice and Flexibility

  • RAPIDLyte samplers are fully compatible with Siemens blood gas analyzers and other leading manufacturers’ blood gas systems

  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet clinical needs in many clinical care settings: intensive care units, neonatal intensive care units, operating theaters, emergency departments, respiratory units and general wards

  • Offers a variety of auto-venting syringes, aspirating syringes, and multicap-S plastic capillaries


Enhanced User Safety and Convenience

  • Easy-to-use needle safety sheath offers simple, one-handed, auto-locking operation to reduce needlestick exposure

  • Filter cap eliminates the biohazard risks associated with expelling bubbles into gauze pads

  • Practical short bevel needle facilitates syringe positioning inside the artery to help avoid inadvertent puncturing of the anterior wall

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