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Artis Interventional Angiography Systems


ARTIS Icono.jpg

The ARTIS icono family is designed to help you realize that potential by enabling you to offer a wide procedure mix in a single interventional suite. Its state-of-the-art technology will keep you at the top of your game for years to come. This is what we mean by an icon of innovation.

ARTIS icono biplane is the ideal solution for a wide range of disciplines and procedures. Neuro procedures – and particularly stroke treatment – benefit from revolutionized cone beam CT image quality with syngo DynaCT Sine Spin and syngo DynaCT Multiphase depicting 8 perfusion phases.

The ARTIS icono family is the ideal solution for a wide range of disciplines and procedures, in particular: 

  • Neuro interventions

  • Cardiac interventions

  • Vascular interventions

  • Cardiovascular surgery

ARTIS pheno


Patient size, condition, or positioning requirements can create challenges for imaging systems during modern minimally invasive procedures. In some cases, treatment may even be impossible.
Engineered to be truly patient-oriented, ARTIS pheno is a unique angiography system for individualized preprocedural planning, intraoperative guidance, and immediate assessment – regardless of patient condition or procedure complexity. It also helps keep the work environment clean at all times.

With ARTIS pheno, you can also ensure optimal patient positioning regardless of the procedure. For safe CO2 imaging, patients’ feet can be elevated simply by tilting the table. ARTIS pheno automatically follows the tilted table during peripheral runoffs. Intelligent image-processing algorithms ensure exceptionally smooth vessel visualization despite unequal gas distribution in vessels. ARTIS pheno makes treatment of patients with contrast allergies and impaired renal function easy.

Artis Q

artis q.jpg

Artis Q offers unparalleled performance with the new powerful GIGALIX X-ray tube for high contrast resolution at any angle and any patient size while the optimized X-ray pulse helps to reduce radiation by up to 60%.

  • Flat emitter technology for high contrast resolution even at steep angulations

  • Small square focal spots for excellent spatial resolution to see more details

  • CLEARpulse for sharp images and low dose


New large HDR detector – High dynamic range and dose efficiency

  • High dynamic range for enhanced soft-tissue resolution in 3D imaging

  • High dose efficiency enables better image quality at less radiation

  • Water cooling to meet the demands of high hygienic standards and to provide stable image quality

Artis Q.zen

Artis Q. zen.jpg

The Artis Q.zen product line for interventional imaging is a visionary breakthrough in X-ray detection with excellent sensitivity enabling ultra-low dose imaging, e.g. up to 6 nGy/f. It also takes performance in X-ray generation and precision to the next level.

Artis Q.zen offers unparalleled performance with the new powerful GIGALIX X-ray tube for high contrast resolution at any angle and any patient size. The optimized X-ray pulse helps to reduce radiation by up to 60%.

  • Flat emitter technology for high contrast resolution even at steep angulations

  • Small square focal spots for excellent spatial resolution to see more details

  • CLEARpulse for sharp images and low dose

Artis zee

zee 2.jpg

The Artis zee product family offers a comprehensive portfolio and complete range of applications to increase your clinical capabilities and ease your workflow in Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and Surgery. To tackle an increasingly diverse case mix, Artis zee gives you the flexibility and confidence you need for routine and complex procedures.

It is equipped with industry-leading imaging technology, unique dose management tools, and the latest clinical applications based on the innovative PURE® platform.

In order to accommodate various clinical disciplines in one room, a high degree of flexibility is needed. Artis zee is therefore available as a floor, ceiling, biplane and a multi-purpose system.

Floor-mounted system

Artis zee  floor 1.jpg

The floor-mounted Artis zee is the ideal solution for routine Interventional Cardiology, providing fast movement and steep angulations for all cardiac exams. Its C-arm can be conveniently positioned around the table – for head-to-toe coverage of the patient: right-side for pacemaker implantation, head-side for abdominal procedures, and left-side for standard peripheral procedures. Its compact and slimline C-arm design has a small footprint, requires minimal room preparation work, and can fit into an examination room size of only 25 m².

Ceiling-mounted system

artis zee ceiling.jpg

Ideally suited for body Interventional Radiology, Artis zee ceilingmounted systems provide the highest positioning flexibility with the largest patient coverage. The C-arm can be conveniently positioned around the patient’s left-, right-, or head-side – and any angle in between. This enables optimum patient access. Our unique InFocus and IsoTilt maintain the projection angle during stand rotation and during table tilting. In addition, the system provides the uncompromised soft-tissue imaging of syngo DynaCT from the left-side to also cover the patient’s lower abdomen.

Biplane system

The Artis zee biplane system is the ideal system for your Neuro Interventions. Combining high performance and positioning flexibility, it supports two isocentric imaging positions. This is made possible by a floor rotation point with motorized swivel from head-end to left-side. The result is optimum access to the patient’s head as well as extensive coverage from head to toe in biplane imaging mode.

Artis zee multi-purpose – your Diagnostic Radiology solution The Artis zee multi-purpose system features flexible architecture with versatile clinical applications for angiography and fluoroscopy examinations.

Artis one


Artis one delivers proven state-of-the-art technology. In addition it offers next-generation tools for uncompromised imaging. Intelligent operation is enhanced by a configurable heads-up display, allowing you to interact with the system in a completely new, intuitive way. So you can keep your attention where you need it. And because the solution is so easy to understand and deploy, it will have a positive impact on your whole organization. Broaden your procedure mix and hit the sweet spot of your business.

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Next-generation imaging tools

  • Embrace the 3rd dimension

  • Unparalleled average

  • Easy to understand, easy to deplay

nexaris Therapy Suites

nexaris Angio-MR-CT

angio mr ct.jpg

nexaris Angio-MR-CT allows you a seamless combination of Artis Angiography, MAGNETOM MRI, and SOMATOM CT Sliding Gantry in one environment for valuable image information during any procedural stage. And, thanks to the PILOT patient transfer system, developed with our partner Getinge, switching between the surgical table and imaging modalities requires no patient repositioning.

PILOT is a patient-centered transfer system that eliminates traditional barriers to using imaging and permits seamless transfer throughout the entire hospital.

  • Barrier-free intraoperative Angio, MR, and CT imaging

  • Transfer board slides from the surgical table to the dockable MR table

  • Table top and transfer board are radiolucent

  • Transfer patients from helicopter to ICU, radiology, and OR

  • Provide pre-, intra-, and postoperative care

  • Serve elective and emergency patients

nexaris Angio-CT

nexaris angio ct.jpg

The nexaris Angio-CT is the first hybrid suite with Instant Fusion that seamlessly integrates angio and CT images. Even wireless ultrasound images can be displayed side-by-side on the large display. Angio, CT and ultrasound images are available at a single glance. Now it’s easier than ever to perform challenging, multi-modality procedures, streamline workflows and advance therapy outcomes with the peace of mind every pioneer needs.

Multi-room options let you share equipment between rooms, so that these can host a wider variety of disciplines. This may be more cost-efficient and can even improve ROI.

  • Park the CT and angio when they're not in use for better access to the patient

  • Patient-centric design means the system comes to the patient, not the other way round

  • Flexible two-room configuration adapts to your clinical, operational and financial goals

  • The Artis cockpit lets you see angio and CT images using one monitor, keyboard and mouse

  • Wireless-ultrasound, angio and CT images can be shown side by side on the large display

Endovascular Robotics

Corindus CorPath GRX Robotic System


Robotic-assisted intervention allows physicians to sit in a radiation shielded cockpit or the control room without wearing lead, and use a set of joysticks and touchscreen controls that translate the physician’s movements into device control. Robotic-assisted intervention enables precise measurement of anatomy and device positioning with the added benefit of radiation protection for the physician and the potential to reduce radiation exposure for staff and patients.

The CorPath GRX Vascular Robotic System provides value for physicians, staff, and patients during interventional procedures where precise device and stent positioning is a top priority:

  • Procedural Control
       Robotic-assisted control of coronary guide catheters, guidewires, and rapid exchange catheters.
  • Robotic Precision

       Sub-millimeter measurement and 1mm movement to position stents exactly where you need them.

  • Improved Workflow

       Extended Reach Arm for radial access and redesigned Bedside Unit with touchscreen for ease of use.

  • Protection

       Radiation protection to the physician and potential to reduce radiation exposure for staff and patients.

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