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MAMMOMAT Revelation

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In breast care, screening programs are on the rise. While 2D mammography is still the standard technology, tomosynthesis is beginning to grow into the screening space. Radiologists and breast care professionals need to work more efficiently than ever before, while their patients demand a more comfortable examination with reliable and quick results.

MAMMOMAT Revelation – our flagship tomosynthesis system – helps address these challenges and bring tomosynthesis one step closer to screening. Clinically proven, the unique 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis in MAMMOMAT Revelation helps you gain valuable insights, enabling more accurate and earlier detection of breast cancer. Providing the highest depth resolution and mass detectability, MAMMOMAT Revelation is designed for superior cancer detection, personalized care, and high cost-effectiveness.

With our 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis, we provide a superior, highly accurate method for detecting cancers and facilitating a reliable diagnosis.This will result in a significant change for breast care professionals, for radiologists, and – most importantly – for the many women and their families personally affected by breast cancer. We stand for tomosynthesis that is accurate, patient-centric, and economic.

 Mammomat Inspiration with PRIME Technology

mammomat inspiration.jpg

Mammography screening entails examining thousands of healthy women. So keeping dose as low as possible is extremely important. At the same time high image quality is the key to detecting the smallest detail. Mammomat Inspiration with PRIME Technology results in up to 30% less dose1, without compromising image quality.

Become the institution of choice by providing standard-setting low dose mammography system for your patients.

Enable high patient throughput and reduce the need for staff training with time-saving features and the unique syngo user interface.

  • Enjoy efficient workflow by moving to the next view with only one touch

  • Perform streamlined procedures with the optional Stereotactic Biopsy

  • Improve diagnostic confidence with syngo.Breast Care – for advanced reading

  • Consistent image quality with fast review on the fully syngo-based Acquisition Workstation

 Mammomat Fusion

mammomat fusion.jpg

Early detection and optimal diagnostic accuracy play a crucial role in mammography screening. Accomplishing this, however, requires a highly standardized workflow and high-quality images.

Mammomat Fusion is a premium mammography system made to enhance everyday screening and diagnostics. The refined, automated workflow performs complex tasks at the click of a button. Low operating costs and attractive service packages help you get your money’s worth.

  • Save time with Single-Touch Positioning, which moves the mammography system between predefined positions at the touch of a button

  • Access our unique syngo user interface at one central acquisition workstation

  • Experience easy guidance with the seamless Stereotactic Biopsy procedure

  • Benefit from Mammomat Fusion’s remarkably robust new-generation CsI detector, which is especially suitable for challenging environments such as bus-installed mobile screening units

  • Help your patients to relax with the MoodLight1 simply by changing the lighting on your Mammomat Fusion

  • Obtain ideal image quality at the optimum compression level using OpComp with SoftSpeed

 Mammomat Select


Providing access to mammography for early breast cancer detection can be a challenge, especially when budgets are limited. An analog system that is easy to use and provides images at the right dose is a cost-effective way to offer women the standard of care they need.

Mammomat Select is a system that combines proven expertise in analog mammography with smart features. It allows for ease of use, lower dose and minimal cost of ownership. Improve your financial performance with Mammomat Select.

  • Gain full access to the exposure controls from a single console

  • Enjoy easy operation and automated procedures throughout the mammography exam

  • Change dose settings and compression force with just one touch

  • Obtain the right dose easily for each exam with OpDose

  • Achieve optimal image quality with breast thickness and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) measurements

  • Configure the mammography system according to your needs

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