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Imaging for Radiation Therapy

Computed  Tomography for Radiation Therapy


SOMATOM go.Sim is a highly flexible, intuitive CT simulator. With fully integrated hardware and software tailored specifically to your requirements, it increases certainty and reduces the likelihood of errors. It also features advanced algorithms, AI-powered organ-at-risk (OAR) autocontouring, and excellent soft-tissue contrast potentially decreasing target margins. What’s more, it is designed to care for both patients and users – with a calming environment, a simple operating concept, and a single vendor service contract. 

  • Successful CT simulation needs efficient and fail-safe workflows

  • Current processes mean users have to switch between multiple software and hardware solutions

  • Seamless and less error-prone processes thanks to the new mobile workflow

  • Streamlined laser QA thanks to fully integrated Direct Laser

  • Intuitive and guided CT simulation thanks to GO technologies

SOMATOM go.Open Pro


Introducing SOMATOM go.Open Pro – an advanced CT simulator that delivers accurate, reproducible patient modeling for treatments and individualized care. With a unique detector width, super soft-tissue contrast, and intelligent 4D CT with breathing adaptation, it achieves exceptional clarity for confident treatment planning. Input from RT specialists guided the design, so the fully integrated hardware and software are tailored to your requirements. These pioneering features, combined with data synchronization across all components, allow you to master challenging cases and devote more time to your patients.

The flexible, intuitive system synchronizes data across all integrated components. It operates via one user interface and requires a single vendor service contract. This means you can spend less time managing CT simulation and more time focusing on your patients – in the comfortable and calming environment that SOMATOM go.Open Pro creates for them.

  • Seamless and less error-prone CT simulation processes

  • Optimal image quality for target contouring

  • A comfortable and calming environment for patients, operators, and administrators

SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro


Whether you strive for advanced treatment techniques or for patient care that is both standardized and personalized – there are significant developments in Radiation Therapy that call for utmost precision. This is why we designed our new dedicated CT scanner for RT: the SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro. Thanks to images that are optimized for both contouring and dose calculation and a workflow that helps reduce sources of error, it brings together standardization and personalization.

SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro is optimally balanced for excellent image quality. We found this balance in a bore size of 80 cm and an 80 kW power generator – combined with state-of the-art technology.

 SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro includes iMAR for metal artifact reduction, SAFIRE and ADMIRE for reduced noise to aid in better contouring, and HD Field of View Pro for visualization of the human body parts and skin line located outside of the 50 cm standard scan field of view up to the bore size. In addition, it features a newly developed detector for minimized electronic noise and an extended dynamic range. Equipped with these features, SOMATOM Confidence® RT Pro delivers highly precise CT images for confident contouring.

SOMATOM CT Sliding Gantry


The sliding gantry CT provides the advanced imaging functionality of a stationary scanner such as the reduction of metal artefacts (iMAR) or our iterative reconstruction, consequently following ALARA, the paradigm to deliver the right image quality at a dose as low as reasonably achievable. Because the gantry slides over the patient, you never have to transfer the patient between tables. You can also count on increased CT utilization because with up to 12‐meter rails the setup can serve two rooms with one scanner. This means that you can evaluate and treat patients in one room while another patient is being prepared next door.

The computerized tomography scan slides over the patient so that the table remains stationary, avoiding patient movement and allowing radiation and particle therapy to be delivered with a high level of precision.

The SOMATOM CT sliding gantry provides cutting-edge diagnostic imaging without concern over patient movement.

  • The CT gantry slides on railes over the patient, so table and accesories remain stationary

  • Imaging for brachytherapy without patient and applicator motion

  • High precision for therapy treatments 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Radiation Therapy

MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Sola and Vida


MRI utilization in radiation therapy treatment planning continues to see steady growth. Between 2006 and 2018 its utilization increased from 6% to 24%. The MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Sola and MAGNETOM Vida, the first MR scanners with BioMatrix Technology, addresses the challenges of patient variability for RT treatment planning. MAGNETOM Sola and MAGNETOM Vida deliver excellent soft-tissue contrast as well as imaging that can yield information for physicians regarding tumor extent and functional parameters. Efficiently integrating this additional modality into existing processes can add substantial value to radiotherapy and help advance your institution’s clinical capabilities.

BioMatrix Technology, available on MAGNETOM Sola and MAGNETOM Vida, truly personalizes MRI and increases precise, reproducible imaging for more efficient RT planning, monitoring, and follow-up. BioMatrix consists of three key technologies: BioMatrix Sensors are respiratory sensors that automatically display a patient’s breathing curve and actively trigger acquisition sequences at the right point in time. BioMatrix Tuners improve the correlation of DWI to corresponding anatomical scans. With BioMatrix Interfaces, the BioMatrix dockable table with eDrive helps you move your patient effortlessly to and from the scanner, and docks automatically with one touch.

Molecular Imaging for Radiation Therapy

Biograph mCT Sim edition


Biograph™ mCT Sim edition features a large bore with access to intelligent imaging applications, making standardized protocols and personalized scans possible. Complex procedures, like PET motion-free imaging, can be transformed to an easy click of a button, and 4D CT workflow can be streamlined by automatically setting optimal scan parameters based on the patient’s breathing cycle. Biograph mCT Sim edition brings you a comprehensive solution for PET/CT in radiation therapy–driving the right planning for the right treatment.

Biograph mCT Sim edition’s basic configuration sets the standard in PET/CT for RT planning. Offering technology that enables reproductivity across patients, personalization of scans, advanced motion management, and metal artifact reduction, Biograph mCT Sim delivers dedicated tools for a precise planning with dose optimization and time savings.

Biograph mCT Sim edition offers an integrated workflow, enabled by , that supports clinical decisions along with a multimodality tool for deformable registration, dose visualization, beam placement, and more. In addition to the Biograph mCT Sim edition, we have RT packages available for our Biograph Horizon and Biograph Vision scanners.

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